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EZ Thread Rotary Repair Tool

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Rotary Thread File - Works with Dremel Tool

3/8″ diameter x 2″ long x 1/8″ Shank
Pitches down to 28 TPI (0.8 metric)
Fits 1/2″ Dremel hole.



Rotary Thread File - Works with Drill or Die Grinder
3/4″ diameter x 2″ long x 1/4″ Shank
Pitches down to 20 TPI (0.8 metric)
Fits 7/8″ hole.




How does EZ Thread Work with any Thread?

Great Question! EZ Thread works on the bases of a single point. It just so happens that every inch, metric, and pipe style threads all have the same angle which make up the thread profile. We designed our tip so that it matches this profile perfectly. Other methods of repair are “Pitch Dependent”, meaning you have to find the correct tool with the correct pitch before you attemp a repair or else you’ll be in worse shape than you were in. So to answer your question, we designed EZ Brand Tools to be as simple as possible, that’s why we choose to tackle repairs one thread profile at a time. Take a look at this illustration to help you understand how pitch doesn’t matter when your using EZ Thread:

How hard is it to operate?

We tell our customers if you can operate a drill, then you can operate EZ thread. The tool literally finds the threads by itself, all you do is keep light tool pressure (only enough to have control of the tool) and it does all the work. After a few passes, you’ll find your groove!

What's the best way to use the tool?

The following illustration explains it best. Always start your tool in a known good portion (GREEN) of the thread and slowly move it back and forth over areas that need correction (RED) and you’ll be back in business in no time. Once you get confidence in yourself and become your own thread hero, you will find that you can make entire circles with the tool chasing the threads quickly. Remember, DON’T use heavy tool pressure!


Do you recommend using any type of cutting fluid?

Short answer… YES! Cutting fluid, tapping fluid, even mineral spirits helps the tools performance and longevity. As the tool repairs the metal threads it will accumulate dust which will clog the tools grinding ability. This will shorten tool life, and cause repairs to take longer to completion. The fluid carries away the dust, keeps the pores clean, lubricates the work surface and reduces thermal buildup at repair spot. All of these improve your experience with EZ Thread.

Which tool do I need?

If you want our honest answer, ALL of them! If you do any kind of repairs on a routine basis, it’s nice to have the set in a small corner of your toolbox drawer. If you’re a DIY dad or someone who tinkers then it’s up to what projects you’re looking at tackling with EZ Thread. 

What Speed is Recommended?

We recommend using a speed between 10,000 – 30,000 RPM for speed and ease of use. Lower RPM’s are acceptable, but not ideal. Inline tools like Dremel, Die Grinders, or Straight Drill Motors are recommended due to handling. Hand drills have a 90 degree handle and may take a little extra time to get the feel for using the tool. If it rotates the rotary thread file, then it will work. Speeds and ease of use is dictated by what device you are choosing to use the tool with.


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