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Heim Joint, Weldable, Small 1.0" Wide

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    • Diameter - 2.25"
    • Width of weldable body - 1"
    • Total Weight = 2 lbs

EMF's small weldable builder joints are the economical choice for someone who would like strong, rebuildable and greaseable joints for a good price.  All weldable heim bodies are made from 1018 Mild Steel and come uncoated to allow the customer to weld to the surface needed, however the internal components are interchangeable with our regular small heim joints so they contain the same coated cups, rings and balls made from a billet 4140 Chromoly.  Should you ever need to replace the internal components, you can purchase a rebuild kit for a lot less than having to buy new joints.  Threaded stem sold seperately.


EMF Heim Joint Maintenance Instructions

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