1.2"/Ft Toyota FJ80 Tie Rod End Reamer #5912

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Our item #5912 is a 1.200” taper per foot Toyota FJ-80 ball joint and tie rod taper reamer made out of M2 high speed steel. This is a genuine automotive taper at 1.200” taper per foot, also known as a 1:10 taper or 6 degree included angle. This reamer is the correct taper for the Toyota FJ-80 Land Cruiser Heavy Duty Tre tie rod end crossover steering applications. This reamer is also the correct reamer for the older Ford Bronco Trac Bar Bolt.



Over All Length: 6 ½”

Over All Flute Length: 4 ½”

Large End Diameter: 0.8875”

Small End Diameter: 7/16”

Shank Diameter: ½”

Flute Design: Straight

Flute Count: 6

Material: M2 High Speed Steel

Hardness: 64 Rockwell



This reamer will do production runs and cut material quickly at speeds from 100 to 400 RPM. The use of a full pecking cycle and oil-based coolant is strongly recommended for maximum performance and finish. This reamer can be used by hand with a tap wrench or socket. It can also be used in a drill press or vertical mill with a ½” or larger drill chuck or ½” collet. Keep in mind, this reamer is not a drill. Run this reamer at half the speed (RPM) and twice the feed that you would a drill.


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This M2 high speed 1.200” taper per foot Toyota FJ-80 ball joint and tie rod taper reamer is brand new and manufactured with pride in the U.S.A. by XKUT. We are the manufacturer of this reamer. 

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