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Canadian Manufactured EMF Rebuildable Heim Joints/Rod Ends, Tie Rod Ends and Ball Sockets are protected by US Patent #8,764,336 B2 Patent Document Here

and Canadian Patent Pending # CA2784185 A1
Patent Document Here

Canadian Manufactured EMF Rebuildable Ball Joints are also covered by US Patent Pending # 62/128,159

** PLEASE NOTE ** EMF is a Mom & Pop Shop husband and wife team currently with 3 other employees. We are not a large corporation. We manufacture a high-end product and want each customer to be completely satisfied with everything they purchase, however this also means it can take some time as most are made-to-order. The current wait time for products we normally carry is approx 6-8 weeks if it is not in stock. Custom products and large orders are approx 12 weeks.

Our company was originally named Federal Fusion and was founded in 1999 for Fabrication of Off Road Suspension, Chassis and Cages. In 2003, Federal Fusion brought on two new partners and become Evolution Machining & Fabrication Inc. Machining complimented the Fabrication so it was a natural move.
With machining capabilities, a fabricator has no boundaries. Evolution is now 50% owned by Clayton Kraatz who is the brains behind all of the products, the machinist and the fabricator. His extremely wonderful wife Erin is the other 50% in the equation and is the manager of Part Sales and ordering, Shipping and Receiving and of course, assembly, parts ordering, packaging etc and is the mastermind behind the website.
Our shop is located on some land just outside of Calgary, Alberta - which has allowed us to continue making great products, while being able to spend time with our little ones.
In 2011, we decided to change our focus to providing the best quality Rod Ends and Steering Components we could, so we began operating under a new name: EMF Rod Ends & Steering Components. EMF as an acronym for Evolution Machining & Fabrication.
The Heim Joint (Rod End) that has become EMF's key product was created in the beginning to set our suspensions apart from the rest of the industry. The one-piece body with a retained spherical ball and races was the first change. The second was customizing joints to fit customer rigs, instead of customers being forced to build around joints. The Evo/EMF Joint worked so well and had so many variations; it was soon adopted into regular industrial applications.
Over the last 8 years, EMF has constantly improved on the Heim itself. Over 60 changes have been made to the original design to date. Every upgrade or changed internal part will cross over to our earlier versions. What once was just a one-piece rebuildable heim joint, is now a line of products ranging from small 3/4" shank joints to Frankenheim 2" shanks joints. It has also evolved into a line of rebuildable Tie Rod Ends, Ball Sockets, steering components and many other applications.
We are working hard each day to come up with new products. EMF has made a name for themselves for having the toughest Heim Joints out there. See what difference our joints could make for you. From vehicles to house boat anchors... we do it all.

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