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EMF Rebuildable 2.125" x Raptor Taper Uniball

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EMF Rebuildable Uniballs are fantastic options for control arm Uniball replacements.  They are fully rebuildable, adjustable and you can grease them. The 4140 HTSR nitrided Body has a Diameter of 2.125" and the width is 1".  This particular uniball features a 4140 HTSR Nitrided Ford Raptor Taper Pin.  It also contains 4140 HTSR Nitrided Races on the inside for long lasting quality that stands up to all weather conditions.

** NOTE ** You will have to drill a small hole in the control arm to allow access to the set screw on the side of the Uniball body before pressing the uniball into the control arm.  This set screw holds the cap in place and needs to be backed out before tightening the cap.  We recommend pressing the uniball into the control arm without the set screw and then replacing it once it is in to limit any damage that may occur to the inside of the hole. **

We are working on finding dust boots to fit these uniballs, for the time being they do not come with any.  Includes a Nylock Locking Nut.

 EMF Rebuildable Uniball


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