Tie Rod End, Straight 3/4" Pin, Set of 4

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7/8-14 and 7/8-18 in stock now!  


This kit is generally used to replace the joints in a Thuren Fab steering system for Dodge Trucks.  Generally their system is 7/8-14 Threads, Pitman (mounted BELOW pitman Arm) and Driver Knuckle are RH thread, Both Passenger knuckle ends are LH thread.  If you have something different please specify in the notes when ordering or call/text us at 403-935-3540.

These joints have straight 3/4" Taper only and do not replace the stock tie rod ends on a stock steering system.  The bodies on EMF joints are a different size than stock so it will not work with stock Dodge draglink and tie rod bars.  They are made for those who are making their own aftermarket steering or have an existing steering system such as a Thuren Fab system which required the user to drill out their knuckles and pitman to use a straight 3/4" Bolt.

** NOTE** THESE WILL NOT WORK WITH STOCK DODGE RIMS ** If you have stock Dodge Rims, let us know and we can swap the passenger knuckle pin out for a low deflection one instead. Did you purchase an aftermarket Dodge Steering System that required you to drill out your knuckles and now the heim joints are worn out and you want a better solution? The EMF Dodge 3/4" Straight Pin Tie Rod Ends are your answer! These Tie Rod Ends WILL replace the Heim Joint setup on some aftermarket systems.

All components of our Tie Rod Ends are made in house from a billet 4140 Chromoly and coated with zinc, aside from the pins which are coated with a black liquid nitride to ensure the best possible wear and corrosion resistance. You should be able to go many years without needing to replace any of the internal components. Unlike any other Tie Rod End on the market, Evolution TRE's are serviceable, greaseable and REBUILDABLE. If you ever start to feel a little slop in the joint, you just tighten the cap. If you ever have to replace the inner components, you just have to buy a rebuild kit! Wouldn't it feel great to have a long lasting, durable Tie Rod End on your steering system that you never had to buy again?

Pricing Includes Jam Nuts, and nylock nuts