EMF 1.25-12 Bushing Heim Joint

EMF 1.25-12 Bushing Heim Joint

  • $114.99

EMF Products are currently MADE TO ORDER, meaning that they can take between 8-12 weeks to complete.  This is because we need to have a big enough run of joints to machine at once to keep the costs down for the customer for both machining and nitriding or else everything would be way more expensive.   We thank you for your understanding in this matter and by placing your order, you accept these possible wait times might arise.


EMF Bushing Joint features a One-Piece 100% Chromoly Body similar to our Large Heim Joint Body - Coated with Liquid Nitride Bath to give it a Black Coating and also to increase the strength of the Chromoly by 30%. Made from the same material and close to the same sizing as our Large Heim Joint, the EMF Bushing joint features our own custom sized "EP Bushing", Also Canadian made, from the highest quality Polyurethane we could find.

Using our Chromoly sleeves coated in a Liquid Nitride Bath, gives this Bushing the ability to have a 3/4" Bolt. Our bushing sleeves, allow the customer to have a couple different width options and bolt size options so you aren't limited just to the 2.5" wide size. Epic Polymers Vypur Urethane bushings are in a class of their own. This material is the highest performing material in a bushing application available on the market today. With a 100% memory, extremely high impact and un-presented abrasion resistance, the competition just can’t come close. Current urethane bushings available on the market are a low cost, low performing MDI material designed to be as soft or slightly firmer than the traditional rubber alternatives and cheap to manufacture. Their chemistry causes them to break down in the presence of water and when you start to work the material they will only break down faster. Vypur is a premium TDI material that is custom formulated for the harshest environment. The material has a strict QC process before it leaves the facility, testing not only its appearance, dimensions and durometer; but the chemical bonding on a molecular level to ensure the maximum life and performance. These are able to withstand being overworked, in moist, muddy/sandy and hot environments and still return back to its original shape, time and time again. These bushing will not harden up, crack or deteriorate…they will simply perform.

Pricing now includes Jam Nut and any size spacers you choose