Dodge Ram Intermediate Shaft Bushing Spacer (Pair)

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If there's one thing we have noticed, it is that the Intermediate Steering Shaft on an 03 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 and some Jeep Models has this bushing that gets pounded out and causes an issue with steering.

We strongly recommend if your steering shaft is worn out that you purchase a new shaft - however, these bushings will allow for an inexpensive, temporary fix to an issue, before replacing the whole steering shaft.

See our video on YouTube here for what we are talking about:


We have seen many customers replacing absolutely everything on their vehicle and not seeing any results.  We suggest starting with this inexpensive fix first to see if it helps solve your issue before dumping a ton of money into parts you may  not need.... or at least if you are replacing the ball joints, add these on and do them at the same time to maximize your results.


Dodge Ram Intermediate Steering Shaft EMF Bushing Fix

This is what the space in the Intermediate Steering Shaft Looks like when it is taken out of the truck


Dodge Ram Intermediate Steering Shaft EMF Bushing Fix Insertion

The Spacers are then pressed into the shaft on each side to eliminate the wobble caused by a worn out bushing. There is a Tapered end, and a Square end... press the Tapered end in first.   (The press-fit bushings will fit very snugly, however, be sure to add some RED thread locker to the bushings to ensure they stay inside even longer and you can also add a 1.75" Hose Clamp if you want to ensure they stay in there even longer ).


Dodge Ram Intermediate Steering Shaft EMF Bushing Fix Final

The final product should look something like this on both sides.


Re-install the Intermediate Shaft and enjoy!


QUESTION:  Without removing the shaft, how can I tell that this is my issue?

ANSWER:   Go look under your dash with the truck not running.  You will see the silver bushing housing.  Use a flashlight and you will have to be on your back on the floor.  Have someone turn the wheel left and right and if the pin inside the hole (as seen in the pictures above) hits the side of the housing - this is your issue.  Another tell-tale sign is if you're correcting between 11 and 1 o'clock on the steering wheel - more-so at slower speeds.  Bad rod ends on the drag link can cause this issue as well, but you would see those moving up and down.


QUESTION:  Do I need to remove the shaft before pressing these bushings in?

ANSWER:  You don't have to but if you want to, you can.  It takes approximately 1 hour to remove and 1 hour to re-install.  However, you can install them using a hammer in about 5 minutes.  Just tap them in 1/2 way on one side, 1/2 way on the other side and then finish one side at a time.


QUESTION:   Will this work with my specific year/model of Dodge?

ANSWER:   We do not have exactly every single year and model that this will work for, but it looks like most 1500/2500/3500 2003+ and some Jeep models will have this joint on the intermediate steering shaft.  Your best bet is to have a look and see if you have this bushing housing before purchasing and measure the hole.  The hole is approximately 0.6" in diameter

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