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Shipping Policy:

We ship via canada post or usps.

Paypal Payment Option: We understand that some customers only have Paypal as a payment option. Due to the amount of risk associated with chargebacks etc, we will ONLY ship to the address provided in the customers Paypal account. If you require a different shipping address please make sure your profile is updated before you send the transaction amount.

Taxation Policy: Canadian Residents are subject to 5% GST. US Residents are charged zero taxes as you will usually pay those through the shipment fees.

Warranty Policy: If at any time something happens with the joint and it is our fault through manufacturing defect, send it back and we will replace it or any component of it free of charge if we decide this was our problem. Proper maintenance of our products after every trip to the bush or race includes tightening the ring (Remember to back out the set screw first!!) and greasing the joints - We will not replace any product that has not been maintained and we need to see it here first before any exchanges are made. Also make sure the jam nut is as tight as it can get and the heim is secure in there. If you break it, we'd like to see it!! It is extremely rare for an EMF joint to break.

Special Orders: All special orders need to be paid for up front and are non-refundable/non-returnable.

Other company Heim Joints (QA1 etc) Shipping Policy: We will only ship these Heim Joints or Rod Ends to customers in Canada. The reasoning behind this is because of the paperwork it would take to send them to US customers and because of the conflict between China made heim joints and our Canadian Made heim joints or Rod Ends when it comes to border services. It is hard enough trying to prove to the customs brokers that EMF products are 100% CANADIAN MADE, but if I'm mixing in China made products it will make everything a lot worse.

Return Policy: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product(s) please contact us at 403-935-3540 or tollfree: 877-236-3545 or via email at sales@emfrodends.com and we will assist you. Some products are eligible for a full return of the purchase price, minus the cost of shipping. Items are shipped back to us at the expense of the customer, once we receive the products we will refund the original credit card that was used to purchase the product, or we will provide an in-store credit to the customer. In most cases, if something can be done to make a product work for you we will explore those options first.